Sunday, October 21, 2007

Overcoming Challenges

After 24 hours of hard work, repairs to Continuum are complete! Scrutineering proved Continuum to be safe and reliable after the repairs. The Team began racing again at 8am this morning and has just arrived at the first control stop in Katherine around noon. They'll be charging the batteries for the next half hour or so. Spencer was the driver for the car. When asked if he was driving his response was "Well yeah, I didn't get to drive very long yesterday." We passed the 1st of 37 teams and hope to pass more over the course of the day! Continuum has performed similarly to before the accident thus far and we hope to continue through the Outback at our current pace.

Go Fast, Go Smooth, GO BLUE!



Anonymous TC Lambert said...

The WSC map says it's 316 km from Darwin to Katherine. UM made it in 4 hours = avg. speed of 79 km/h = 49 mph. Not bad.

Dunmarra is about 330 km past Katherine. At this speed Continuum should easily make it to Dunmarra before 17:00.

Not sure what's going on up front. Nuna4 passed Aurora and may have passed Umicore. The provisional times at Tennant Creek show Umicore almost an hour ahead of Nuna4, but a posting on Team Nuon's blog said, "waahoo," which I think is Dutch for "we passed 'em."

The main WSC site is down (too many connections (can't be all my fault)), but the blog is still up.

In the Adventure class, Ashiya University leads. Stanford was about sixth last time I saw an update.

October 22, 2007 at 12:07 AM  
Anonymous TC Lambert said...

OK, WSC's website is back up. Now the unofficial time says Umicore left Tennant Creek at 11:08, Nuna4 at 11:25. Thirteen minutes difference. Nuna4 may have caught up since then. Did Umicore have a problem? Ashiya's Adventure class car left at 11:01, and may be the only one ahead of Nuna4.

Continuum's run may be hindered a little because they have to pass so many convoys ahead of them.

Alice Springs is a long reach from Tennant Creek, about 475 km. A few teams may reach it today. I think they all stop and rest for a day at Alice Springs.

October 22, 2007 at 12:38 AM  
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