Sunday, May 18, 2008

Base-X Visit

A couple weeks ago several of us went down to Fairfield, Virginia, to meet with a potential sponsor, Base-X . Base-X is the leading provider of rapid-deploying mobile infrastructure, and they have agreed to sponsor our team with three such structures. We spent the day learning what Base-X does and explaining what our team does, touring the facilities, and deciding on what shelters will best suit our needs. This also gave us a good first test run of one of our four Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid models, loaned to us this summer by long-time sponsor General Motors.

They have agreed to donate two of their 305 models, which are each 18’ x 25’. One will be used to house the car while it is being worked on, while the other will be used for strategy, operations, meetings, and sleeping at the end of the day. For times when we don’t have the space to set these up, we will also have one of their smaller 203 models, with no sidewalls, to use simply as a shield from the sun. Within the next couple of weeks they will be sending a crew of people up to Ann Arbor to train us in setting up the structures.

While our stay in Fairfield was very brief, we were fortunate enough to have our stay sponsored by Sugar Tree Inn, owned by Jeff and Becky Chanter. The rooms were fantastic and Jeff and Becky were kind enough to wake up early to prepare a delicious breakfast for us prior to our meeting. I would recommend the Inn to anyone traveling in that area.

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Our cabin at Sugar Tree Inn, along with Spencer's car and the Tahoe loaned to us by General Motors.

Breakfast provided by Sugar Tree Inn.

We were happy to see this greeting as we walked in to the Base-X facility.

An example shelter they had set up at the facility.



Anonymous Pigeon Forge Cabins said...

Sounds like a awesome trip, Wish i could have gone, though the cabin looks pretty cramped, and I'd be more interested to know how any luggage fit in that mini lol.

I do wonder how a solar powered car would perform going up a steep mountain grade, and what type of limitations weight would put on that.

July 4, 2008 at 12:16 AM  

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