Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to the 2008 Race Season

This upcoming July, we will be participating in the 2008 North American Solar Challenge (; a 10 day, 2500 mile trek from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Alberta. Currently over 20 teams are registered and it is exciting to see teams from outside North America register as well!

Our 2008 race season began this past January with the selection of a new race crew and the return of Continuum from Australia. We have an outstanding race crew composed of many members from the previous 2007 Race Crew who participated in the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge. In addition, we have added four new members to our engineering and strategy divisions.

Continuum is in excellent shape. The nose and body have been reformed and we have built new revisions of many of the mechanical and electrical parts on the car. The rules for the North American Solar Challenge are very similar to those of the Panasonic World Solar Challenge, however a few differences exist. This has caused a few changes to Continuum, such as the addition of strobe lights on the top of our vehicle.

Following the goals of our team, we will continue to strive to enter the best team into the 2008 North American Solar Challenge! Thank you to all our sponsors, friends, families, and team members that contribute to making this goal a reality.

Go Fast! Go Smooth! Go Blue!



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