Thursday, July 17, 2008

Images from Stage Two

One final set of images leading up until today. I will post more about the evening and a stage update tomorrow. We will be starting in the lead tomorrow morning at 9am!

Here Michigan is on the road making the final turn before we enter the Omaha checkpoint.

Continuum enters Iowa!

Traveling through Sioux Falls just before we enter the park for the stage stop. Just past the next intersection a police escort joined the caravan and led us into the stop.

Continuum enters the stage stop on a road lined with flags. NASC and American flags lined the entrance into Sioux Park (with British, German, and Canadian flags at the end for the international teams).

Lead and Chase line up at Sioux Falls just after we arrive.

We serve 30 minutes after arriving at Sioux Falls and point the array at the sun to help gain a charge before impounding our batteries.

A police escort lead in each caravan. Here they are leading Principia into the stage stop.

Principia enters the stage stop just over an hour after Michigan.

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