Saturday, August 23, 2008

On Saturday August 16th, Continuum was on the roads again, but this time slowing cruising down Woodward Avenue in Detroit Michigan. Continuum participated in the 15th annual Woodward Dream Cruise, an event that attracts over 1.5 million people and more than 40,000 cars.

People spend the day sitting in lawn chairs lining the side of the road to witness the antique and exotic car cruise. We saw many cars ranging from old Mustangs to Lamborghinis, but I think I can safely say that we were the most unique and expensive car on the road.

The best part of the whole day was hearing people’s reactions as we drove by, “HOLY COW! IT’S A SPACESHIP!”

Steve Driving down Woodward Ave.
(Picture courtesy of Roman Halanski, Jr.)

Jeffery Ferman was confused when we stopped at the gas station to stretch our legs

Look at the Porsche checking us out!!!

The Dream Cruise was a great experience. We had so much fun walking next to the car and talking to the people on the streets. Thank you to all of the parents that waited for us as we slowly made our way. It was great to have fans along the way!

I hope that we will be able to participate again next year!

Go Fast! Go Smooth! Go Blue!


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