Friday, May 30, 2008

Mock Race Planning

Continuum has been quite busy the past couple of weeks. From pre-scrutineering to testing at Michigan International Speedway (I'll post more about this soon!), the team has been amassing miles on the open roads. During our testing, Continuum has proven to be an extremely reliable car. Reliability is the key in this 2500 mile endurance race. Every minute spent on the side of the road fixing a problem costs you valuable race time.

The next step in testing for this team involves taking Continuum over 1000 miles away to Dallas, Texas to run a simulated version of the 2008 North American Solar Challenge.

The past couple days saw our team working day and night to pack and outfit our fleet vehicles that recently arrived from GM. I would very much like to thank General Motors for providing us with our race fleet as well as Motorola for the communications equipment mounted in each vehicle.

Currently the '08 race crew is traveling down to Texas to prepare for this mock race that will begin on Sunday. While the majority of our team has had quite a bit of experience racing in Australia, the 2008 North American Solar Challenge is quite different. With reduced sunlight, increased traffic, a more detailed, complex route, and new regulations, this race brings about new challenges. Mock race will give our team the experience it needs to race in these different conditions. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Anonymous Misa said...

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October 17, 2008 at 2:00 AM  
Anonymous Pressure Washing Houston said...

Awesome job! Solar is the source of the future. It's is "beyond renewable" because it never runs out at all.

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