Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MIT Solar Car Team vists Michigan

Last week, the team had the privilege of hosting a few members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Solar Car Team. The MIT team traveled from Boston to do wind tunnel testing on the vehicle they are planning to race in the World Solar Challenge.

After the usual General Team Meeting last Monday, about 20 members from the University of Michigan Solar Car Team enjoyed dinner at Grizzly Peak in downtown Ann Arbor with the members of the MIT team. It was exciting to get together with another team to get a perspective on how the solar car programs around the country differ. The two teams shared stories giving both teams an inside look at different team structures and philosophies.

After their 4 year hiatus, the MIT team will be competing in the World Solar Challenge this fall with their new vehicle, Eleanor. They also plan on completing a cross-country trip in their car from Boston to California (hopefully, stopping the visit the UM team again on their way!) to see their car off to Australia.

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team wishes the MIT the best of luck and looks forward to seeing them in the Outback this fall.

To learn more about the M.I.T solar car team, click the following link:


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