Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mock Race Day 3

We completed day 3 of mock race and ended just outside of Sioux Falls. The day didn’t go quite as planned. The morning started out strong as we headed into Omaha, but unfortunately less than a mile after we left the Omaha checkpoint we ran into a few problems that took us to the side of the road. With overheating issues, we had to wait for a while and fix a few problems with the motor controller. Back on the road again we were expecting bad weather, but we were able to find small clearings in the clouds where the sun was shining. With the extra power we were able to pick up our speed and travel at the speed limit. Throughout the day we also faced a few challenges that gave us good practice for the race. From detours, to construction zones and poorly marked roads, we were able to face the new challenges that we didn’t have to face in Australia.

Arriving just outside Sioux Falls, our weather and scout team were given the opportunity to find a place to stop for the night; we had some very friendly locals who allowed us to setup camp on their property. However with no sun shining through we were unable to take in an evening charge. In the morning of the forth day we were also unable to charge with full cloud coverage.

We are currently back on the road for day four of mock race! Traveling toward Fargo, we are under complete cloud cover. The weather has been varied quite a bit this mock race which has given our strategists a nice opportunity to simulate around the many different conditions.

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Anonymous Russ said...

Sounds like an excellent opportunity you've had thus far with this round of testing.

Go Blue!


June 4, 2008 at 6:41 PM  
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