Thursday, June 05, 2008

End of Mock Race

The semi has been packed, the team is asleep (well most of them), and it is now time for one last mock race post.

Day four of mock race finished strong. Our strategy team was planning on ending the day with an empty battery pack as if it were the end of the race, and they did just that. Despite some route issues (route materials we received in the middle of mock race differed from the route materials distributed to our navigators), the Fargo checkpoint went extremely well. Our support vehicles were ready to receive Continuum as it rolled in. As opposed to Tuesday, we spent less time on the side of the road--we had one tire change and one driver swap (no driver may be in the solar car for more than six hours in a row for a single day).
Tire change on the side of the road

Rolling into Fargo, the car checks were completed, the semi was loaded and then we were off to dinner. The team relaxed for a few hours, playing some fun games of miniature golf (free at our hotel) and then we were off to bed. Thank you very much to the AmericInn of Moorhead, MN for sponsoring the night! We greatly appreciated the evening to get some sleep before the 14 hour drive home.

All in all, mock race was a great success. We were able to practice many of the situations not occurring during routine testing, and learned a great deal about the race route. Although we faced some difficult weather along the route, both Continuum and the team performed extremely well. We are prepared for the race in July, and are all looking forward to it.

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Anonymous WWE Craze said...

I really love this team and hats off to their hard work and enthusiasm towards creativity.

June 30, 2008 at 7:20 PM  

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